Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain coats and TV

About Donations:
If you're planning on donating and want to write a check instead of donating online through the Bike and Build website, you need to send it to me because there's no one in the office to tabulate checks for people right now. So, I'll have to give it to the right people when I go to New Hampshire to start the trip. Just email me at if you prefer to do the check method.

I finally got my raincoat that I ordered a few weeks ago for the rainy days on the bike. Of course, I had to test it out immediately. So, I zipped it on and hopped in the shower. Conclusions: Completely waterproof. Water just beads right up on the surface. I think it's supposed to rain today/tomorrow too. So, I think I'll test it out in real conditions here shortly. Now, if I could only find my rain cap...

And Justin Hanson of WMC-TV just left my parent's place for a story about me and Bike and Build that should be going out tomorrow. So, if you're coming here from a link on the WMC-TV page, hi there!

Now, back to finishing up that physics work, and perhaps a bike ride?

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