Thursday, March 26, 2009

So a week later...

So my fundraiser went all right. All in all, I managed to raise a little under $200 while riding for about 6 hours. However, I think pictures best illustrate what this really means. So, just before I
started riding in the early afternoon:

Then, a few hours later:

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I kind of plan on doing it again at least one more time after graduation is over in order to finish up my fundraising. My favorite part was actually talking to people and seeing how excited they were about what I was doing.

As an aside, yes, in that top picture, that is my front tire resting on my copy of the Classics of Philosophy, my intro philosophy book that convinced me that I would forever be a physicist.

And in reply to my last post, Cavendish ended up winning San Remo and surprising everyone. That man is a winning machine. And Taylor Phinney just won the Gold in the Worlds Individual Pursuit. Sweet. We have an American wearing one of the coveted rainbow jerseys again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tomorrow's the day.

Fausto Coppi won the Tour 2 times, the Giro 5 times, Milan-San Remo 3 times, Paris-Roubaix once, and Giro di Lombardia 5 times, and was world champion once to top it all off. Oh, he also set the hour record. My favorite fact about him is that he was the first person to ever win on Alpe d'Huez in 1952, and then he went on to win the race. He attacked something like 6 kilos from the summit and left Jean Robic just trying to catch him, and his ascent was still faster than Hinault's and Lemond's in '86 (though one could argue their time would've been faster had Hinault followed through on his "attacks." oh pro cycling team tensions). Regardless, I wish I could ride like Coppi:

Speaking of San Remo, it's being run Saturday. Cancellara is already out, which is unfortunate given his amazing last minute attack where he essentially time-trialed his way to victory (and no one beats Cancellara in a time trial, unless you're using CERA apparently). So, I'm going to go ahead and pick Boonen. Lance is leading Astana, but he's not a sprinter. So, unless he gets in a break that manages to survive all the way over the Poggio, I'm going to pick the sprinting Boonen. And really. This race is 186 miles long. Geez.

Now, I'll end my fanboy blurbs on pro cycling.

As for me, it was a cold(er) day in Memphis today. Fortunately, today was an easy day out on the bike. After doing one longer day Tuesday and then a gut fest ride yesterday where my heart rate was upwards of 175 for a little over an hour and tomorrow being a forever ride, today I made rules for myself that I was not allowed to shift into my big ring or let my heart rate go over 150. I kept the first rule and mostly the second. So, here's hoping that tomorrow goes all right!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am alive!

So, it's been a while since the last post. As of right now, I'm a little shy of half way to my fundraising goal (of $4000). So, if you were thinking donating was a good idea, but haven't yet, there's no better time!

I've also been riding a fair bit (indoors on a trainer at least). Actually this picture is just before I started a 3 hour ride that took me nowhere:

The first 2 hours I watched the first original Stars Wars movie. That wasn't quite peppy enough for a stationary multi-hour ride. So, I put V for Vendetta in next and that worked a little better for me. I think I concluded I should stick to the epics of Braveheart and the Natural that I used during winter for the stationary rides. Fortunately, those stationary rides are almost over for good except for this coming Friday...

On Friday (3/20/09), I'll be setting up in front of the Atoka Kroger with my trainer and riding for I'm not quite sure how long (I'm thinking at least five hours with short, intermittent breaks and probably longer). I'll be there starting at 2 in the afternoon is what I'm thinking (maybe a little later) and stay on the trainer till dark, and I'll set up posters and a table. I probably (read: definitely) could use any volunteer help if you're in the area and maybe would like to be treated to a beer (assuming you're of age) I brewed or perhaps a thanks afterwards. I'll send out a Facebook email here shortly asking for help. Just shoot me an email if you read this and don't get the one I'm about to send out.

Expect at the latest another post in two weeks all about the sweet, new bike I picked up for the trip that is currently sitting in the Grinnell College mailroom because I have poor communication and timing skills...

In other news, this guy's excited for a 70 degrees and sunny tomorrow. If you're in the Atoka area, I'll be the guy riding in a green jersey and the above bike. If you see me, give me a friendly wave. I like friendly waves...