Monday, June 22, 2009

New London, NH

Well, first blog post from the road.

We left Portsmouth yesterday morning. I'm now a little over a 100 miles away in New London, NH. Yesterday we rode out to the ocean for the wheel-dipping ceremony, except I missed the turn to the coastal spot we had picked out and rode for another few miles. So, there were actually two wheel-dipping ceremonies. One, and then another when everyone realized a handful of people were missing. I actually was able to get to the coast and see the group, but I couldn't get to where they were. Eventually, I saw them all mounting their bikes to head out again and was immediately sad. That's when people realized a few of us were missing. I think we can blame Nate for the count-off not working. Apparently, he gets a kick out of yelling other people's numbers when they're not there...

But it rained a lot yesterday, and I was kind of covered in road grime at the end of all 70 miles. Our hosts at Wesley Methodist Church were really great in Concord and fed us lots of pasta.

And today to New London managed to involve a fair amount of climbing. According to Ashley's altimeter, we managed 1,550 gain in elevation. Nothing to yell about, but not too shabby. And New London is really pretty. There's this ice cream shop, Arctic Cream, I plan on checking tomorrow or later tonight and then on Wednesday, we have a build day in Lebanon. It'll be nice to give the legs a rest.

But dinner's here in a bit. I'll try scarfing down a few thousand calories. That's the new thing. I eat a lot, and I eat all the time. But I'll try updating in a few days whenever I get another chance to use a computer.

P.S. Oh, and here's a nice story the local paper back home did on me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And rain.

I was hoping to get a good ride in the rain done before the trip began, but since I'm shipping my bike tomorrow, I didn't think I'd get one in.


It poured, and it thundered. Apparently, my family was worried about me when they saw the bike gone this morning. Sorry...

Conclusion: I wish I knew where my rain cap was. It would've been nice to have had more than my sunglasses to keep the rain out of my eyes. Also, no matter how waterproof your raincoat is, if you're riding a bicycle in the pouring rain, expect to get soaked. What you're aiming for with the raincoat is that it will not be rain-drenched when the rain stops, and you won't break into a bout pneumonia from the cold you might endure if it was as soaked as everything else you're wearing.

Also, it was sweet.

One week-ish.

Wow. My sleep schedule is completely messed up after a succession of early wake ups to do bike rides and late nights doing physics work and even trying to find a place to live next year.

What a day too. This morning (or yesterday morning, pending how you look at it), I got up at 5, had a breakfast of eggs and toast and ventured out on a really long bike ride. 70 miles. At least it was long for me since collegiate races never go beyond 45 miles in length, there's not much reason to do any base training above 60 miles, which I don't think I even did that during racing season a few months ago (shout out to the Grinnell College Mating Slugs!). I've also just noticed that my training and wearing of different jerseys has left me with two distinct sets of tanlines on my arms. Sweet.

Then, it was off to try to do some fundraising. I set up several coffee cans (Thanks Raceway Lube Inc., Nema's Classic Hair Styles, Boatwright Pharmacy, Medicap Pharmacy Millington, and BancorpSouth Bank) and talked to a number of people. Hopefully things will go well.

Now, I'm going to take a short nap, wake up for a recovery ride, and then go pick up a bicycle box from the LBS (local bike shop) and pack my bike away. Wow. Really, I'm almost there.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain coats and TV

About Donations:
If you're planning on donating and want to write a check instead of donating online through the Bike and Build website, you need to send it to me because there's no one in the office to tabulate checks for people right now. So, I'll have to give it to the right people when I go to New Hampshire to start the trip. Just email me at if you prefer to do the check method.

I finally got my raincoat that I ordered a few weeks ago for the rainy days on the bike. Of course, I had to test it out immediately. So, I zipped it on and hopped in the shower. Conclusions: Completely waterproof. Water just beads right up on the surface. I think it's supposed to rain today/tomorrow too. So, I think I'll test it out in real conditions here shortly. Now, if I could only find my rain cap...

And Justin Hanson of WMC-TV just left my parent's place for a story about me and Bike and Build that should be going out tomorrow. So, if you're coming here from a link on the WMC-TV page, hi there!

Now, back to finishing up that physics work, and perhaps a bike ride?