Friday, May 22, 2009

And back home.

Just got back home from college a few days ago with my degree in physics. I'll be starting at UW-Madison come fall in their Department of Astronomy. Pretty excited about that, but I've got this whole bike trip thing to take care of first.

I went riding yesterday. I'm trying to wake up early and do my rides because it just gets so hot in the south. But my bike was having mechanical issues, so I spent some 2 hours fixing that. Determined to do a ride, I did 25 miles, and then when I circled back home to reload water bottles and head out for the second half, the heat, humidity, pollen, and so much more were just too much for me. I was sneezing and taking jerseys off. That decided it, and I instead went grocery shopping with my mom. To all you folks braving the Southern US route, you are far better than me.

My sweat equity is going down on June 7th. Little late into the game, but it's getting done. Also working on my fundraising. The end of the year put me behind on that too. Did you know how stressful it is graduating and making sure your life is in order for the next 5-6 years? Well, it is!

Anyways, I'm going to grab some breakfast and get to work. Take care.


Ally said...

You're coming to UW Madison? Awesome, that's where I go! You'll really like it, Madison is an awesome city. Do you know where you will be living yet?

Nick said...

Not sure yet. I'm still working on it. Do you have any suggestions?

Ally said...

The Willy (Williamson) Street neighborhood is great, not TOO far (but a decent bike ride) from campus, not too expensive, and is in the vicinity of a lot of fun things to do. I'll be living in that area in the fall.